Tony Lineberger

Tony Lineberger

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From the beginning of my ministry, it has been my conviction that teaching and preaching what God says in His Word is more important that making people feel good about themselves. I BELIEVE the Bible is the authority in every aspect of our life. As Pastor of New Life Baptist Church, I want those who attend to hear the truth of the Word of God. It is my responsibility to Study the Word and to Share the Word as accurately as I possibly can. As Pastor I must do this as truthfully and lovingly as I am directed by God.

I love what God has done in the life of New Life Baptist Church through the years. Many Churches have sprung up and died away but God has kept New Life alive and strong. I believe that God has much more to be accomplished through New Life in this area. I believe that we as a Church can do great thing if we will let God lead.

I want those who attend New Life to know that they are loved by me as Pastor and those of the membership. It is and will always be my prayer that people of all walks of life will feel welcomed and loved. I am a 24/7 Pastor. If you need me, I expect you to call me that I may be able to minister to you the best I can.

I was born December 17, 1951, Gastonia, N.C. and grew up in York, South Carolina. I was ordained as a Southern Baptist pastor on July 24, 1976 Central Baptist Church, York, S.C.

My wife Sarah and I were married June 9, 1973. Sarah and I have been married for 49 years as of this date October 17, 2022. We will celebrate our 50th anniversary on June 9th of 2023. My wife, Sarah and I have adult two children, Julie and Jared. Our daughter is happily married and has 4 children. Our son is happily married and has 2 children. I am pleased that they all are very involved with their Churches.

I have a Master of Divinity from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, Memphis, Tenn.  A Bachelor of Arts from Gardner-Webb College, Boiling Springs, N.C. ; Associate Science from York County Technical Educational Center, Rock Hill, S.C.

I have pastored Churches in Arizona and South Carolina.  I have volunteered as a Sunday School Teacher; Youth Minister; Music Ministries; Release Time Bible Education.  I have been involved in Mission trips to Mexico, Kenya, Indonesia and Dominican Republic.

I enjoy singing for Jesus.  I also do Chalk Art (sometimes drawing with chalk a picture to illustrate the message to get people to bring friends they know to see something different. I use fluorescent chalk and black lighting for effect )